Note card boxes

These hold 4 note cards and envelopes.  Each one uses 1 sheet of Designer paper-- with no waste

My friend Linda brought one over to show me and I went to town making 10 for my oldest sons teachers.  He loves to give gifts almost as much as i do.

I have some basic specs, but not detailed.  Its a cased project too, but I don't know the original artist.

DSP 7.5 x 12 score at 1-7/8 down each long side.

turn and score at 5-5/8 then at 6 7/8

fold the short score line up to the long score line to make the box.  you can see how to do the fold HERE on a smaller scale (love this project too)

the left over DSP- cut to 2.25 x 5 and 3.5 x 4.5.  use this to decorate your note cards!  FUN!

Quick picture shot with my phone was the best I could do in crunch time!!!



Sorry I can't figure it out. Would you have a pic of it open? I followed Frenchiies video so understand the fold. This will hold four cards and four envelopes?

Anonymous said...

Love these!! Would have loved to see some of the note cards that you put into the boxes. Seeing the boxes open would help too!

Debbie Hughes


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