Founders the final Day and Surprise

Here is my Team the Silver spoons.  What wonderful new friends I have made and a fun outing at the Coral Canyon golf course.  

We drove all over the golf course.  So fun those golf carts!

These bunnies were as big as my dog!  Holy smokes-- there were tons of them everywhere.  Here in the east we have geese on the course.

Stunning and beautiful on the course.  

the Final dinner was amazing after the event- boy were we hungry!!!

Everyone was a winner!

Before I left my daughter said expect a surprise when you get home.  This normally means lots of pictures and love notes for me.  

When I got home I got lots of pictures and she gave me this.  a decorated can with notes inside.  They were a little soggy but still readable.

My favorite :  I diet your coke
Translation:  I am your diet coke

Love her so stinking much!

Have a GREAT DAY.  Be back tomorrow with some of my favorite swaps!

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