Quilted Ornament and a video!

A secret sister gift a leadership was one of these cool Quilted ornaments.  I LOVE THESE.  

Here is my 1st attempt at making one.  OMG so easy!!

Now here is the one my daughter made:  

Now my daughter is 8-- so YES!!! You can do this. the only thing I helped her with was the ironing the fabric and hot glueing the ribbon on at the end.   I cut my fabric squares to 3x3.  Here is the video to show you how to make this fun project.  Stay tuned for a GREAT box to put these ornaments in!!!

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Andrea said...

LOVE these balls - what a great gift for friends at Christmas! Thanks for the endless supply of inspiration!

Terry Molineux said...

Jill I received two of these from my secret santa at my adopted UPLINE's xmas party....loved them and thought wow I couldn't do that. It really looks simple and fun will have to get to the M store and get my syrofoam balls and get to work. I have the SU fabric already...thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the video tutorial
That was so clear!
I'll need to try those
Didn't look like she ironed the squares
What did you find worked best!?

mamia (me and mine in Alabama) said...

These are amazing! I will be making these for sure, thanks for posting the video. Following from SC.

lpntexas said...

Could you tell me how you put the ribbon hanger on ? Did you hot glue it or how ? Thanks.


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