Julia's Party

I had the pure pleasure of crafting with Julia and her friends to celebrate her 8th birthday!  the girls were simply AMAZING!

The girls made a goodie bag, a snowman treat holder with 2 candy canes inside and the snowman popcorn holder!


off to get more Holiday prep in check!

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Andrea said...

What a great way to make her winter birthday special!

Sandi said...

You know what this means now? You are the mom with the mostest!!! Your daughter will be envied by all. I have to hand it to you Jill, I don't think I could pull something off like this with Christmas in a week. What a great mom you are, and I love the projects you came up with -- so, so cute!!

Anonymous said...

These are too cute!! Love them!
Debbie Hughes

Anonymous said...

Adorable projects! Would love instructions for the snowman popcorn holder. What is the little round snowman thing? That is just a fantastic assortment of projects for the girls!!

Sheryl said...

LOVE these! You are awesome, especially whipping together something as great as this right before Christmas. Please tell us how you made the popcorn holder. Wish I could have attended the party too :)


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