With Sympathy

This was a sad weekend here in PA.  You may have heard on the news that a swimmer passed away in a tragic accident during a open water race this past weekend.  That swimmer was Fran Crippen.

Its a HUGE loss for the swimming community and for the Germantown Academy (GA) swimming extended family for which I am a part of.  I did not know Fran that well personally, but he was one of the age group swim coaches for my kids.  They knew him and thought he was great.  The saw him in the pool, on deck and in the locker room.  My swimming friends, my kids coaches and fellow swimmers, and the Crippen Family are really suffering a huge loss.    My heart breaks for all of them.  My kids despite the circumstances, are doing just fine.

For the family:

For 2 of the coaches :

Read the article about Fran HERE

With all tragic accidents there should be some positive outcomes.  I hope that they increase the safety as described by Maddy, Frans sister here on Good Morning America. I hope this never happens to anyone else.

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I'm so sorry. I have three sympathy cards to make this week. Such a loss for your community.

Lori Burkitt said...

Such beautiful cards. Yes, this is such a tragic loss. God be with his family and your community.

Linda Monroe said...

How sad. What a sweet gesture to send cards to the family and coaches. My prayers are with that family.

Beth said...

This was a very sad story over the weekend. Let's hope it leads to changes that will protect swimmers from water that is too warm in the future. Your card is beautiful.


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