I'm off to Founders Circle

Well, I'm off to attend the Founder's Circle retreat.  its my first time so I'm very nervous!  I worked very very very hard on 135 swaps.  I have never ever made that many of the same card.  I can tell you I still like the card, but my finger went numb from cutting all the pieces- 270 to be exact!  then I got a really bad paper cut on the same finger.  It was throbbing for 2 days,  My card also had lots of punching and a 135 Cranks of my Bigshot!  

Are you Curious?  Stay tuned I'll post it on Friday after we swap at Founders!!!

A quick scrap page for you, But I really should be packing- Ill be flying when you read this!!!

Have a Great day and Thanks for stopping by!

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Jen Snyder said...

Have a great time Jill! What are you afraid of? I love stamping with you and I am sure all those ladies will have a blast with you and your bubbly personality! Can't wait to hear about it...so jealous! Enjoy! Jen Snyder

Terry Molineux said...

Jill have a great time! You deserve all the pampering Shelli will give you guys. You are so lucky and wish you a REAL FUN time. Espeically in the rubber park...take loads of pictures and share with us!

Morgan said...

love this! i'm a follower now from SC, my blog is stampcravings.blogspot.com

Denise T said...

Jill have a great time at Founders. You worked hard and deserve this honor. Looking forward to hearing all about it.


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