woke up to this this morning!

Poor Lexy got bit by something and had a severe reaction
her eyes were almost swollen shut -as was her whole FACE!!
 vet said-- probably a spider or other bug! poor baby

OMG-- lots of benadryl -she's doing MUCH BETTER now

she should look like this!

be back tomorrow!

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Debbie said...

Oh that sweet little baby girl ... take good care of her, Mommy :)

April411 said...

Oh my goodness! Is Lexy better? She looks so uncomfortable. I hope she is getting better!

Sarah Green said...

I just want to come and hug her all day!

Laurie said...

OMGosh...poor Lexi :( Hope she is feeling better today. (((((Hugs to Lexi)))))

Priscilla said...

Oh poor baby! I know the feeling, my cat Angel has been sick for the past week and a half and after countless vet visits he is finally starting to get better. Hope Lexy gets better soon! <3


katou said...

Ohhhh the poor little one.Hope she will get better soon .Give her a big hug from France.

Michelle Gray said...

Poor Lexy, but I'm glad to know we're not alone with dealing with bugs attacking our dog. Our 10 month old boxer puppy got stung a couple weeks ago, and yesterday he was bit by a black widow. He's going btter but will be on med and bland diet for a while. Wow! When I think of all the new SU! products I could have bought for what the vet bills cost the last couple of weeks, I just want to cry!


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