ohhh la la...CUPCAKE giftcard holder

NOTE:  THIS IS NOT THAT HARD--just time consuming....

saw one made by Glenda Travelstead on the Stampin' Up! cruise!  then I stumbled on a video on Youtube on how to make it!  I mostly followed the video....and improvised where I got lazy

get your hot glue gun out!!! (and some patience)

You can view the video HERE  or just search "cupcake gift card holder"
on youtube.com from the stamp goddess

I only made 1 of these-- I wonder if it will EVER leave my stamp room!

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Debbie said...

Too cute, Jill :)

Susan said...

I would keep it, too! Love it! Sue Mc.

Blogs said...

I am just not into 3-d items - always ask myself why I'd want to make a purse out of paper - but your second picture presented a pleasant surprise! Nice!


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