Poodle Pictures!

No Card today....Thought it was time to bring the puppies back to the blog. these faces just make me happy everyday!

Here is Jake. He loves to go for rides in the car. In fact, he will push my kids out of the way to get to the car first. He secretly wants to ride in the UPS truck too. OMG he can here it coming from 3 miles away. Since UPS is here quite a bit-- the novelty still has not worn off. can you say Bark fest???

here's Zoe. a spark plug who thinks she's big & she is ever so huggable! She gives lots of kisses and follows me everywhere. She enjoys laying in front of the fire. No kidding! she bakes herself till she's quite toasty!

And Here is Lexy. otherwise known as "White-y" The one who loves Stampin Up! paper. Especially 3-d items with candy inside. I swear the SU card stock is laced with beef. She also likes Pepperidge farm cookies and the bags they come in. and of course the core of the toilet paper rolls. We always try to remember close the bathroom, pantry and basement (where my stamp room is) doors before we leave -- otherwise you may not know what to expect when you get home!

Have a FABULOUS day today. be back tomorrow with a card!

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Kim said...

I love poodles. Growing up we have always had toy poodles and so my kids did too.

We currently have a toy poodle named Gracie. She is pretty much queen of the house. I've always wanted a standard poodle, but will wait until we get to the country so she (I prefer females)will have lots of room to play.

Thanks for sharing your pictures - I also love all your cards.

Debbie said...

Oh so sweet and thanks for sharing those cute pics of your babies! I have a poodle baby too - but mine is the teeny, tiny kind! She's a 7lb. chocolate toy poodle named Hershey and you can see some pics of her on Christmas day 'all dressed up for Santa' here:

Thanks for sharing! Love your work!

Ginger said...

Oh, what beautiful babies!!! I've followed your blog for a while now and while I like your projects, only your POODLES have pulled me out of lurkdom to comment! I have three standard poodles myself, so you KNOW I was loving your puppers!

Susan Timmerman said...

While I do enjoy looking at your projects I LOVE seeing pics of others dogs!!! I have eleven dogs myself and one of them is a black poodle! Her story is sad and long but I got her through a rescue. They got her from Animal Control. Animal Control found her wandering around with her eyes SUPER GLUED SHUT!!!! It's hard to imagine that such folks as ones that would do that walk among us!

Katou said...

Oh they are too cute !!How lucky you are to have those sweet little companions.
Dogs are the big love of my life but I am living in an appartment and working so far from it.
As I don't want them to stay alone all day......

HeathersHobby said...

I, too, follow your blog on my reader. I loved your pictures today. They are so cute (and handsome)! Thanks for all the projects you post. I really enjoy the inspiration.

Wanda in NC said...

thanks for sharing your babies' pictures. They each are such a blessing to you, I'm sure. I miss having a dog - I feel safer with one in the house. They are darling!

Michelle said...

It's great to see someone else who LOVES their dogs. Our dogs are our kids. It takes another "dog person" to understand how we can love our dogs so much. To us, a family is incomplete without a dog or 2 or 3 or whatever you have room for. We have 2 dogs right now, but if room and finances allowed we have as many as our hearts could hold. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I asked you at LS for more puppy pix - LOVE them!

Heidi Michel said...

Wow they are so shiney and gorgeous. Especially the white one. I as a groomer part time am happy to see a white dog be white and not rusty from eye gunk and licking.


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