On the Fourth Day of Christmas...

I'm giving some really cool Medallion Coasters!

I can not tell you haw FABULOUS these are in person! They are the marble unfinished tumble tiles from Lowes or Home Depot. they come in a box of 12 for about $5 (I think)

I stamped each tile with the Medallion stamp in Chocolate Chip craft ink. My pad was VERY juicy so these were fabulous since the image came out so dark & rich! re-ink your pad if its slightly dry! Bake for 10 minutes at 350.

Since these tiles are so dusty I spray mine (front & back) with a matte sealer from the craft store. A very light mist to control the dust. and don't forget the felt pads for the back!

Since these are so heavy I decided to put them in this cute bucket ( from the $1 spot at Target a few months back) I added felt feet to the bucket as well since its great storage/display for the coasters in someones home! the panel on the front of the bucket is a Monogram label- I think it needed to be a little personalized!

Have Fun making yours!!!!!

ETA: Spray after baking!


Leslie Miller said...

These are very nice and make a beautiful gift. Love your idea for the bucket with the felt pads. Gosh, the coasters sound so easy!

MaGoooo said...

Your family and friends are going to be so happy they know you this Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Jill, I love - love the coasters, off to Lowes tomorrow, I was suprised to learn you put them in the oven. do you spray after the oven or before. Jill I thank you for all the wonderful ideas you share with us. Hapiness, Carol g.

Erna said...

what a great gift!! It looks so pretty!

gayle said...

Hi Jill,

These look wonderful and easy to make. I am wondering if it makes a difference if a gas or electric oven is used for baking? Should the time be adjusted?


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