Some Tags and an Award

So I was tagged by Enjoli Bennett at Stamping Under the Sun. Check out her blog-- there are some cute projects.
So here are 7 random things about me...I am not really that interesting so this was hard!
  1. I was a competitive swimmer in High school and college.
  2. I swam the "mile" 66 laps of the pool and placed 32nd in the US (many years ago)
  3. I had a full scholarship to Drexel for swimming.
  4. I have not swam since March 1993. a quick dip in the pool is about all I can do!
  5. I love to shop- clothes and stamps are the highest on my list.
  6. I am a snob when it comes to cars... I drove only BMW & Mercedes up until a few years ago. Now its an Acura MDX (DH talked me into it) which is nice- but I am counting the days until my new BMW X5 or Mercedes GLK crossover! I have to say The MDX 3rd row and DVD player have brought so much "driving" sanity to my life with 3 kids in the back! *wink*
  7. I drink instant coffee every morning with coffee mate hazelnut creamer- full fat of course

To all of my bloggin friends who check in here often to see what I am up to- consider yourself tagged if you have not been already!

Lucky me! I was awarded the Kreativ Blogger by Wendy Janson at Stamp with Wendy and Carol at Stamp Like Crazy.
Make sure you check out their blogs-- they have some really cute cards and some WOW projects! Thanks so much ladies I am flattered!!
And just this morning I was awarded the Pico Award for blogging for a 2nd time. A big thanks goes out to Meagan at Well Dunn Ideas
Sorry it took soooo long for me to respond and post these! I can not thank all of you enough. I appreciate your support and your friendship!

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Jeanna said...

Hee hee...I was coming here to tag you too!



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