Cookbook gifts

Last month I did a Books For the Cook class by mail. Lots of the Ladies said surprise me with the designer paper included in the Kit. I fell in love with a few of the color combos-- so I made a few extra books with my Bind-it-all and thought I would share. This was an alternate Version of the Summer picnic paper:

and a Berry Bliss version

and a Jersey Shore version to share:



Anonymous said...

Would you ever consider offering this kit by mail again? Some of us are new to your blog :)

Jenn Greeley said...

Okay, these are so cute. My bind it all is on order, anxiously awaiting its arrival. Thanks for the cute idea.

Melissa said...


Many Blessings,

Nancy Riley said...

Jill, each one of these books is as cute as the next one! Just adorable!

Terry Molineux said...


OMGosh! Again.....you amaze me. I wish I lived near you....I would love to be your stampin buddy. I do not have anyone here. When I am preparing for a craft fair, convention or gifts....my husband thinks I am playing...I keep telling him "I AM TRYING TO MAKE MONEY!!!". If I had a friend over to stress the point to him....I think he'd get it.

These books are great. I have a bind it all but have no clue how to you use....wink TUTORIAL..... LOL

Anonymous said...

Absolutely too cute!!


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